Spirit time

Spirit time happens in many ways. It is in the turning of pages in a book I am reading; triggered by words I remember someone I love saying to me, and now they are in my soul with the clarity of a mirror where I see my own reflection; reminding me of my mother when she was my age. She did not talk much about spirit times, but she did say “I will never be gone, no one dies.” Now I know what mom meant when she spoke on the new life of spirit.
And time becomes just another day, another moment treasured in my mind every time I see a white feather crossing my path. I bend down to pick up the softness; placing it back where I originally found it because that is where it belongs like every sign of afterlife I come upon. Keeping things just the way they are is my quest of meditative, spirit walking and gazing the beauty of nature where angels reside.

Angel wings that float and drop  by my path

Loving spirit time