Dee saw him on the street riding a motorized bike 2 days in a roll as she too walked the same path to a corner store to pick up coffee creamer.
He was black, young and should have been in school as Dee wondered where he went the past few days
“Maybe he has a sick mom or grandma to take care of”, Dee said to herself with a smile.
After the store, the walk to the post office was only a few minutes from her home so she walked slowly most of the way, but on the way back home it was always a sprint.
The sun shined upon Dee as she walked with its orange and golden rays of warmth.
She passed a woman with a large blue bag with white elephants on it who did not reply to Dee’s ‘Hello’ as a man in a blue sweat shirt with a phone tightly to his ear did reply ‘Hi’ as he smiled; putting his phone down for a moment.
Dee’s landlord drove by with her boyfriend of many years, smiling and waving as they passed along rolling down the window to wave with their white hair bobbing in the brisk wind of coolness.
“I would never believe that life would turn out this way at my age of 65, doing the same things daily, passing the same people, and being content with the daily rituals of life as a senior,” said Dee with a chuckle of joyfulness.
Life is all about happiness, not what you do daily, but what you bring to your spirit to keep you well in mind, body and soul.

golden year

Each flower is another year of your life