In Between the Pages of Life

Each chapter becomes what we look back on in life to ensure we are going in the direction that is best for our lives. The early one where I am a child frequently comes into my mind and heart as I am looking forward to becoming a grandmother once again. There are so many milestones in life; happy times that fill my soul with family love. My childhood fills my soul daily with beach walks and collections of soft edged, colorful glass pieces in greens, blues and pinks. I still hang on to some of my treasures to this day. The piano I practiced daily is still in the family but my playing days are not presently with me. Music remains a nice part of my current life where I have a soft sound system to practice daily yoga and meditation for continuing wellness and health. Later on, in another chapter, decision-making was important. I was not sure of my path in young adult years but did become a mother 4 times and have wonderful children because of forming meaningful relationships. The older years where children have grown into wonderful people is passing along at this time, filled with grandchildren and I am hoping for greatgrandchildren in the coming years.

learning the skill of piano playing

Bringing back some youthful memories