I am here

I try my best to be in the groove of the moment where I seek pink and red flowers along with the greens of springtime even when the winter cold brings gusts of icy ways that move through my body.
I remember those times when my body was feeling frozen on a snowy day but can dismiss that thought as I move toward a warm summer day in my mind’s eye where everything is the way I want it to be.
At any moment in time, I can be wherever I want to be, and this is the power and energy of my personal, positive and passionate spirit being where I stay as needed.
Find your place in a vision of wonder where sparkling lights shine in reds, blues with a gold and silver glow.
Put yourself out there in your personal groove of the moment finding your place in life where there is always sunshine and warmth surrounding you as you walk the path you choose each day.

open to the twists and turns of life

My turn to envision life as a wonder place of peace