Feelings Emerge

Branching out

Reach out and find your way.

Just when I think that I am free of all new internal passions that life has given me, another challenge comes along even though I thought it was time to retire and relax in life.
Life and its motivational way ‘slaps me in the face’ at times with awe moments where I say, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”
All of a sudden feelings of uplifting thoughts of ‘How do I do this?’ surface in my mind, body and soul.
As spirit enters into my body, my love for nature emerges as I walk and meditate on what it is I need to do. Perhaps thoughts and feelings about a new painting, or there may be someone I need to help along the road of life. Life is diverse.
Some days I do things just for myself; beginning a new hobby, starting an exercise plan.
Other days, visiting a friend who needs me is my quest.
Bringing kindness to others on my green path of life is where I will exist, where flowers in colorful reds and yellows surround with blue skies and warm waters that flow slowly as I walk along the edge of white, sandy beaches.