Flying above in the trees and moving to sitting on a wire, many tiny blackbirds watched me as I rode my bike; sprinkling me a bit with the water they had on their tiny bodies from down below where there was enough water for them to land in to jump, splash and have a good time.
It felt like the birds were following me for a long time and maybe they were as they swooped and swayed with noisy wings, not so softly because there were so many of them gathered as if there was a family reunion.
Beings that fly have a freedom we do not have to rise above and find soothing, quiet time in the blue sky.
I find myself looking up to see the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and yellow jackets who buzz around me as I am grateful to be here in their presence. Beings with wings accept us without question as they know internally the place in nature they play on earth.

Angel guides

Watching nature