From Within

In my early days there was always wonder.
Inside my being as a child I thought about everything in life and how it can change moment to moment.

“There is nothing I can do to change what will happen in my life, it is already unfolding as it is supposed to. I can move through life with good thoughts, feelings and motivating resiliency but life is what it is,” said Gloria profoundly with a sparkle in her large, brown eyes. Dee looked on at her mother with pride in her tree-like growth where she pushed her roots into the ground and reached for the sky every day of her life.
Gloria had many challenges in her life, but she kept strong throughout. Dee had seen her cry but even her tears strengthened her stance in her life journey.
From within my soul I can develop a ‘harder core’, and like a turtle nothing can get through my exterior shell.
On the inside where my spirit resides, there is a softness that can push through when there are no fear or worries.

Share with the world what you have learned about your personal resiliency.
Stories about building oneself can help others to grow and move on in life with strength and gratitude.

life is interwoven work where you find the way