I used to be…

I used to be quiet and shy; unable to voice my opinion on much, but I listened to everyone.
Later on as an adolescent, I still thought it was shyness that kept me from being a more popular person.
Finally, when I became an adult I began to understand all that I learned observing others in their quest toward speaking up and giving their perspectives on many topics.
Because life has many passionate ways to choose from, I continue to have an advantage in the fact that being quiet has an advantage.
I learned to dismiss my ego, quiet my soul, and fill my intellectual self with many positive, meaningful practices that I developed through observation.
Watching gave me studies on reality; what is in nature and inside my soul becomes connected.

Connection to the blue seas of life and the great trees, colorful flowers in reds, purples and yellows gives me strength, self-compassion and internal kindness that I can pass to you.

Strengthen your many selves through silence.

Nature with its colorful ways