Finding an angel

What is it like when spirit enters life as I know it?
I know that getting older allows me more time to get in touch with my angel within where I begin to believe that becoming an angel may be another transition into old age that brings me closer to knowing that I am mortal and only have so much time on the earth as I know it.
Because of mortality, I know that there is need for me to do all the good I can; helping others find their way through compassionate listening and continuing self- kindness that allows me to let go and be grateful for all I have accomplished in life.
It is only a body that keeps me from finding peace in the spirit world where everything is calm and centered.

I am able to find soulful ways when I quiet my mind and move into another place inside where all is quiet and my soul is soft with slow breaths. For those moments I find my place in a world of peace where I detach myself from the busy times and become a silent watcher of nature that unfolds into the beauty of a blue sky, green grasses and trees that sway their tiny branches touching my shoulder as I walk in silence.

spirt rises to touch my shoulder