He walks his gray cat, not a dog on the street where I live.
It is a nice cat who stops on occassion to sit in the middle of a large, white bench as he watches some blackbirds in a tree who look down on him, tweeting their songs of love.
Bill an older man of about 80 years and the owner of the cat.
He is long, lean and wears a blue baseball cap. He is patient with his cat, allowing him to roam a bit, loosening up the leash on occasion for exploring.
Bill and his cat take an early walk in the bright sunshine daily. I see them from my window as I too rise early to catch the morning quiet time with sunrise watching and yoga stretching.
I love to speak on challenging things such as cat walking. It allows me to see how important patience and calmness is.

Life is multicolored with bits of yellow, oranges and grays in and out of life. I find different ways to explore.