Time to change

Once upon a time there was a little girl who always seemed unhappy.
She tried to ‘bring herself up’ by doing things she enjoyed such as painting, drawing and writing but none of those things brought her any joy.
One day while taking a walk she spotted a brown frog hopping out of a tiny pond who spoke to her about perspective. She wondered how a frog could talk, then noticed how ugly and rough his brown skin was. He said, “You may think that I am just an ugly frog, but I believe I am a tall, dark and handsome prince with bright, blue eyes. Remember that the inside and outside of yourself are different. On the outside I may be ‘just a frog’ but on the inside I am whoever I want to be. In real life sometimes dreams do come true and sometimes all you need is a little imagination to find what you need. Isn’t is all about changing your perspective to become who you truly want to be?”