Knowing I have to write about love today gave me a new sense of energy about a topic that is endless. I received quite a few signs in the past few days about love and its enormous, unending ways.
Long ago, or perhaps once upon a time I wrote a book about love. Thought it was a good time in my life to tell others how important love is, and how it really is all there is in life. Angeline, my mother used to tell me this all the time, “love is all there is my dear child” but I never understood until recently when there was lack of it. The first of my quest in love is, and continues to be self- love because if you do not have that, there is no point in discovering how to love others. When I love myself I gain the ability to pass it to others. There are so many types of love. Some of us believe that romantic love is the best one, but it is not. Romantic love is just one of love’s branches with “love for the benefit of others in need being the trunk of my tree.”

Reach out and find your way.