First Step

The first step toward the dream I have is all I need right now because looking too far ahead complicates my progress even though my vision may be as simple as a daily task that brings me closer to completion.
My example is taking a home study course that seems very complicated but I continue on with at least one daily reading of a chapter. I started out weekly readings and felt it was time to move on. Maybe I should try twice a week first but I am taking it slow and will not give up!
Life is full of challenges and opportunities that I may not realize is waiting for me.
My life is full of things I may have put off for the moment or is that my excuse right now?
Am I a procrastinator?
Have you stopped for a moment to see if you have a challenging event you have put off?
When I stop for a moment of contemplation I think about trees and see strength that I need to have in order to stay planted or move on in life to new adventures.

Tree pose

Trees stand strong