She was different then anyone else I have ever known.
Thought I knew her well but when I reflect back I see things differently.
Spoke with her every day for many years at work and on the telephone. In person was not as often.
She had qualities to see things in life that I did not. She had clarity in spiritual ways that I did not.
When she passed along to spirit, a flood of memories of her surrounded me and are still there.

I call her memory “reflecting advice” that she had given to me, mostly in a soft way but at times she insisted I do or act a way that would make life better for me, perhaps not easier but better.
She had me confused at times on what I was doing with my life and since I was “drawing at straws” about where I should be, I agreed with her theory on my life but felt I had to “ride the storms” rather than try to fix some of my broken pieces.
Today, reflecting on my friend brings me much peace and harmony. When I think of her I can feel her hugging me, and I smile because she helped me get through a dark place; bringing me a needed calm place in my spirit.

Loving flowers

Seeing brightness in tiny cracks of light