It is not easy…

Knowing that I can get through just about anything but I have to be patient with myself is not always the way I feel or think in the moment of ” this is not going well.”
Sometimes I feel hopeless about things that are diffucult; finding that anger or anxiety sets into my being, and then it is worse on my mind.
Often, I stop for a moment, take a deep breath and start over with a perspective that changes the direction I will take down the road of things that are not easy.
“Life would be too easy if everything went well,” I say to myself as I write down some of the things to do when feeling overwhelmed by the little things in life.
My list: do meditation, stay in a yoga pose called Child’s Pose, ask someone for help with my problem, take a slow, deep breath, breathing in love and breathing out frustration.

The puzzles of life

When you feel overwhelmed, what do you do?