I Remember

I used to believe that everything stays the same.
All the people in my life would be there forever. As a child it seemed to be a necessary thought for needed assurance; shielding me and other children from the cold realities of life.
I remember my grandparents and how they loved and took care of me; giving my parents time to themselves.
I remember childhood and work friends that I had so much fun with who are now spirit. We spent so much time together on those simple things in life such as bike riding, long walks and parties at work for birthdays and loving events such as baby and wedding showers. “Kick the can” and baseball games in the parking lot come to mind as fun and simple things in life.
As I move toward the older years I still cannot believe how many people I have lost to spirit. “It is too much,” I say as I talk to a friend but that is the way it is. The lesson here?
We need to live in the now of life; embracing it all.
Doing most of what is on “the bucket list of life.”
Giving up any grudges you have and helping in all the ways you can.

Having fun

Colorful places