Angel time

An angel of mine is always around. Some call it my guardian angel who is at my side when needed; offering me tiny touches of love so that I know she is nearby.
Gloria, my favorite person in life calls her a “transitional life angel” who helps all mortals reach the stars because after life as we know it is over there are many places to visit in spirit.
Some say that when the soul takes over; leaving the body forever, stillness, wonder, love, calmness and balance will take place where everyone is young again as they begin life as a loving “spirit angel”; looking down from the clouds and the blue sky at all that they came from, and now are lifted to a wonder place where there truly is a blissful existence as an angel who has time to help mortals ready themselves for loving times in places so beautiful it is impossible to envision.
Angels begin their journey helping mortals get ready for spiritual growth.
When we begin to know they are around is the exact time that we may need one. I remember the angel who came to me when I was grieving. Do you have a special angel at your side?

Feeling that warm embraceable you