Shine today

I am making today a shine day where everything is as clear as a crystal blue sky that I look up to and decide it is more; intense blueness turns to a deeper purple than I have ever seen before.
An explanation of “shine” is found in Dee and her interpretation of a colorful life.
Dee lived a life of kindness, she always felt amazed by life; completing pictures and paintings of different parts of her life that she looked back on often; sharing the colorful waves of kindness and its importance to living life well; connected to others with loving ways that improve many situations and brings comfort to others.
It is all about moods and emotions that can improve life; taking that deep breath that slows you down so that you can see the deepness of blues and the bright color of orange, greens and yellows that help you to balance your life and change the moment from a sad or anxiety place to a fresh new perspective that lifts you up to see with clarity.


See the green