Time for a story

Once upon a lifetime I remember you. That person in all the pictures I kept has faded away but still stays in my many memories.
Today it seems that we only look at pictures on cell phones where we miss the sharing of the physical touch.
No longer am I the keeper of all the pictures of past memories, I have passed them along to others who will benefit from the loving spiritual touches they have brought to my life.
Memories are what lingers in my mind and soul today as I write this letter to you; hoping that you find time to embrace life as I do with meditation and visions filled with clarity and love.
I remember the smell of a deep ruby rose my husband gave me as I smiled broadly putting it into a blue vase and placing it on a small antique table I treasured because we bought it together. The table is gone from my life but the memory lingers as I can see it now and bring it through my spirit to the present.
The movement of time feels too fast; slipping through my fingers like crystal blue lake water that I touch daily as I walk through the sands of life on the beach near my childhood home.

My rose

Giving and receiving gifts of love

Today I continue to let go of past difficulties and sadness, only holding on to the love and kindness that the past has brought to my life.