Missing you…

The time of year, the places we visited together, the hours of laughter and moments of awe all come together to make a completed circle of love.
Missing you around the holidays when everything intensifies and people come together to complete life’s connection.
You are here in spirit, I can feel your presence and love coming through all that is sacred in my life.
You are here in nature, the touch of a tree as it inhales love and exhales connection like an embracing hug that stays with me.
I see you in bright yellow and orange glowing flowers as I walk through the farmers market where we often met.
I awaken thinking of you as I reach for my phone but remember I can reach you in dreams and visions of when we were together in life.
Most people know mortal life well but need to experience spiritual touches of those they loved in life as I do in angel voices from above, or hugging times when I feel spirit as it passes through me like a yellow butterfly bounching and bobbing love.