I remember it well; places in the mind and spirit that keep me sound today.
Mom took us to the movies. It was more than 50 years ago where movies in the big city were an exciting experience for me that today I keep in a special place in my soul.
My 2 sisters and I spoke on how we were going to see “Mary Poppins!” Not sure how my sisters felt but when I climbed the steps to the bus, I knew mom had created a lasting memory for me with this adventure that I hoped would never end.
Angeline was mom’s name, and to me, she was an Angel during my entire life. The person I turned to whenever I needed help or a special friend.
As the ruby red curtain drew slowly with a creaking sound, I could see the small plump woman with yellow hair pulling at the long rope.
Here we were, ready for a blast of a colorful moment in life I would never forget. Back then “in living color” was a new happening and most families still had black and white TVs.
The important reminder to me of this memory was the fact that it was difficult for mom to take all 3 of us to this movie. She had struggled most of her life with gait problems due to vericose veins. She also did not drive because of a traumatic car accident she had a few years before. The lesson of this story?
You can do anything you need to do in life, especially when you are doing it for others.

Mom loved red flowers

Mom helped me all of my life