In between

I used to see things as in between. In the middle becomes the best way to be, or perhaps the safest because I saw a little of the big picture on opposite poles.
Today I believe I have to take a stand that I truly embrace; standing up for issues that may be unpopular by the majority. Standing strong and self-empowered may be hard to do, but the possibilities are endless when I study both sides of the story and come up with my unique answer that is the right thing for me to believe in.
I know that some people are taken advantage of; treated unfairly and do not have the chances in life that I have had.
That is why I help others; planning my life adventures around showing people through my words, the way to wellness in mind, body and soul.
I will continue down this path until the end of life as I know it and will continue in spirit my helping hand; lifting others up to see the light.
I find happiness and joy in helping those who need my help.