Open to it all…

When I close myself off to the possibility that I may have to take some chances, I realize that I am stagnating progress in my life.
I know that there are difficult times we all have to pass through, and hiding from them only prolongs the suffering I may be feeling from not taking on something challenging; one of the many reasons I am currently trying something new, exciting and different in a place I have never been before.
“Yes, it is hard to change. Sometimes I feel like packing my bags and going back where I belong, ” I said to a friend recently, but that is not what I need to do just because I feel afraid at times.
I am glad I am finally making some changes in life. I was not going anywhere where I used to live. I had placed myself in a time capsule where I was waiting for something to magically happen that would bring me happiness. But I knew deep down that happiness is inside of me, and if I want happiness and success, I would have to make it all on my own.
I often peeked through to see the crystal brightness in moving in a different direction, and now I am there, among the circle of life where life unfolds in exciting waves of energy.

Circling back to oneness

Loving what happens in life