Seems Easier Now…

I wanted so much as a younger person. Thought I could do it all if I just motivated myself enough to keep on trying. What I did find out though my 65 years is that things are easier to get if you concentrate on just one avenue of the many forks in the road that you have created in life.
I had to choose and let the other ideas go in order to find my way through the puzzle of life that has many pieces before it is complete, and sometimes there may be a few missing pieces even when you open a new puzzle box.
My mom loved to put large puzzles together, and she had a card table just large enough to fit her giant puzzles. Mom would tell me, ” You have to take things slow in life, accomplishing just a few puzzle pieces a day before you begin to see the entire picture of life, so take it easy and proceed with caution,” and then she would smile as she found another piece that fit just right after studying the puzzle for many hours.