She always wore hats; colorful ones in pinks and yellows to cover her thin yellow, straight hair. Her eyes were the color of a Florida sky with a brightness and bits of purple that glowed like sunshine.
Dedra was amazingly beautiful as she aged, finding nothing she did more difficult, just more time consuming.
Still strong in body and mind as she became even more spiritual, hoping for a smooth transition to spirit.
“From the moment I had awareness of my mortality, I have been preparing for my next transition to spirit,” Dedra would tell others of her feelings about life and the end of physical being which is just one of our many selves. She felt that spirit should always be the inner self to strengthen because it is what is needed, especially as aging of the body sets in. Body work is important to physical being but spirit senses neglect too, and needs nourishment through sunny walks on warm days and relaxing nature times, deep in the forest.
Collection of thoughts in dreams or visions to stream through Dedra’s physical being was important to her. She knew that mind health for memory and recall was needed, especially later in life. People who collect objects can refer back with ease to places they found a particular item.
Recalling moments…
Dedra remembered clearly a antique shop, with many older things that embraced all of her senses. She and husband Chas loved to look to the past; finding insight into the way others lived. “We have so many things in life, it seems to block out our inner light that we should focus on such as loving ourselves and others,” said Dedra.
Many struggles and difficulties are seen in the things people collected; living life in a minimal way seems to be better for most, especially in the past when many things were scarce and people looked to live in places where they could grow their own food; helping their families stay strong in mind, body and soul.

Most furniture at the antique shop of any quality was made of hardwood. The cloth furnishings were too tattered to be purchased except for one rocker with a tapestry pattern of black and white that sat in a corner as the antique dealer spotted us and said with a grin, “A special chair but fragile and needs work, you can have it for 80 dollars.” Chas bought Dedra that chair for her birthday; repairing the broken arm. The chair is still in the family tucked into the many corners of life where memories reside. Chas has passed along to spirit but Dedra lives on in her many collections of life including special moments with Chas.

memory glows in the mind and soul