The facts of life

I have been told that if you write from the heart, people will listen.
The facts of life were not really taught to me in my childhood and it seems that in the past 50 years, facts not only have changed but have evolved into availability of truths through different media advances about life that I would have loved to have had when I was growing up.
Some of the truths hit you in the face as you walk down your specific life path, expecting many difficulties and problems that you thought would happen such as money issues, unexpected pregnancies and child care issues you had to get through so you could work and make the money you needed to survive.
Suddenly, you realize that your truth was different than others. If you were middle classed as many people are, the reality was that you worked hard to make ends meet month to month with all of the unexpected and expected facts of life.
My fact of early life experiences are in the past, and now I am involved in the truths about getting older where I expect people to find I still have much to offer with wisdom and knowledge. Most people agree that there are truths about old age, and it is not always very pleasant. I do not believe anyone sees me as slowing down or less knowledgeable, and they do honor my wisdom with questions such as, “What did you do when you were younger that gave you the most success and satisfaction?” and I would reply with a smile, “I grew up in a time when we did not know much about the facts of life and how to live it. We didn’t depend on computers or phones that created a way to not talk face to face. We had it better than you do now because we had to talk face to face, not speaking in a pod cast or conference calls at work, but in front of others if we wanted people to listen, and most of all we took people we loved step by step through lessons, learning by practicing skills, without power point.”
I truly believe that I have a grasp of new technology and it helps me through life, even as I grow older.
But I still feel that there is magical power in learning through direct social experiences found in outdoor games such as kick the can, hide and seek, skipping stones by a lake and reading books that help with grasping onto new knowledge. I also believe that we all need fresh air and sunshine that includes hiking, biking and walking in a forest where there is a spiritual life worthy of exploration.