Taking a break

In difficult and good times I need a restful period to gather my senses so that I can move on. Moving on is not always a physical leaving the area to a quiet place.
Sometimes it is just to figure things out on my own.
Did not realize that I needed time alone until recently when I felt overwhelmed by circumstances where I had to make a decision.
Sometimes I needed to change direction or stay in place where I am right now.
You have to make choices at times that are for your benefit only; finding that it is wonderful to be able to help another person but you have to be there for yourself so that you can become a stronger person. I have been in a sort of limbo for about 5 years where I had no place to go that would change anything about myself there I had to learn how to wait and see what happens, something I have a hard time doing. Staying in place can be a good thing.