Pages of life

Each page I write and chapter I create can change life as I know it.
Days become new adventure where perspective is the only guide to happiness and internal, blissful events that only I can create.
Chapters with many pages become the memories left behind that I can simmer on when I need to reconnect with life as it was in childhood.
People often say,” If I had chosen a different path, every day would bring joy to my life.”
I remember so many times in life where I could have chosen differently but I know I would still have a similar life that I would grow into because early on from about 10 years old, there was a common thread of artistic and creative happenings I continued to be involved in that would bring some internal peace and smiles to others who needed joy to surface in life.
My work is to bring about a positive light into another person’s life, or show someone through words and pictures that they can be a positive person who does not look back too long at the negative times.
I know that a spiritual path has brought me to an awakening that I wish I would have found sooner because I was not as optimistic about life back in youth when I felt pressure to be a grown up and follow a specific, traditional path. I feel completely connected to the life and its wonders.
Today I am free to choose anything I want to do, and in many moments of creative writing, painting, walking, meeting with friends, I create pictures that become visions of light for myself and others.
I continue down the road, no specific road but a path I feel peaceful about walking through each day that I have left on this earth.