The light

“Namaste” she said as she walked through the neighborhood to people she passed by. Saying hello is more with a Namaste which has greater meaning such as “the light in me sees the light in you.” Today was different for Dee as she saw another Monarch butterfly.
“For 3 days black and yellow butterflies swoop before me softly swaying as if to say, I am here and you need to see me.” Dee felt spirit in the softness of butterflies, she smiled as they passed in front of her.
Her next encounter was a child and his grandmother. Grandma had white short, fluffy hair and she carried her grandson’s red bookbag as she ran toward him saying in a loud voice, “slow down or we will have to go home,” and the boy carrying a large stick giggled and smiled as he continued to run ahead.
The most joyful encounter on this daily walk was a wave and a moment for a talk with someone who made her day better.

Namaste and peace were their greetings to each other.