Passions and missions are the same for me. I am dedicated to bringing power to myself and others through my words where I bring to bright light on different ways to be sound in mind, body and soul.
People in my life have brought me here; places of colorful blues and yellows where everything is chaotic at first but then the colors blend together to create a spiritual place for me to be sound and balanced.
I pick the color blue for quiet times and yellow for a glow I need at low times that changes into better feelings of hope and self-understanding because I have to understand myself before I can bring that understanding to you.
Does it matter that some things have to be in a chaotic way before the puzzle pieces connect?
Are you ready to begin a journey that may bring you both yin and yang times of pleasure and displeasure, because you have experience both?
Can you enjoy your life taking many challenges that may or may not work out because you need success and failure to get through the closed doors of life?