Empowering Women

I believe that in order to grow into powerful women we have to embrace and help other woman. As one, we can take in challenges and chances hard to go alone. We are a strong force; strengthening ourselves first and then moving it along to our daughters who need more power and self-confidence.
Connection with other women gives us a balance where we learn the shared lessons of fighting for rights we are entitled to have. Today, help someone; reach out and bring a confident moment that is passed along with love and wisdom to all women who need your support.
The world is changing and with the change brings more opportunities for women.
I remember being a leader at work. I was strong but not strong enough to rise to the occasion of each difficulty I had with my career as a supervisor. I backed down to the majority who were men, and even refused to be promoted a few times because I thought it would be too much for my emotional self. I felt as if I had too many feelings and emotions that would not be attended to if I took a large step toward a men’s world.
Be a force, be a strength in the world. Do not stop because it may be easier to revert to your familiar, female self who is strong enough to go through childbirth and raise children who grew up stronger and well balanced in life because of you.
Bring hope and guidance to women who may be struggling with inequalities and lack of change in the world where only men are counted on to lead others.