Beginnings and Endings

I was young without direction, not realizing how everything changes in a moment. All of a sudden I was in adulthood, feeling like a kid. I was able to get through that part of my life with day to day challenges and career changes that made things easier but still felt young inside and not empowerrd or self confident at all.
The confidence came much later in life. I finally grew up and then I began to do all the things I missed. I write, I loving painting abstract, I teach yoga and I do not hesitate to take on new adventures like hiking and riding my bike. Old age is a wonder, better than any other time in my life. I know that life has its yin and yang times. In and out of the dark times brings about the other side of life where the light comes into view.
You can stretch yourself right now and become all that you want to be at any stage of your life. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Black and white, yin and yang