Trusting Self

I honor where I have been because even the not so good happenings become my guide to where I will go next.
Success in life becomes the icing on the cake that gives me internal satisfaction and self-motivation moves me to the next challenge I have to complete as one chapter in life is completed.
As time goes by and each decade brings me closer to trusting myself to do a good job with my life, I am satisfied with the thought that I have grown and now have wisdom to continue.
I am beginning to see the happiness and internal joy that comes with completion; both good and struggling steps need to be a balancing act that embraces the total picture that I create.
I trust that I will not stop too long to smell the roses but I also trust that I will take enough time to see things that are before me; not hiding with blinders on, seeing only one perspective.
I can find places where I think about the balance of life in every avenue. Relationships need give and take in order for survival as do the balance I need in my physical body to keep myself well.
In spiritual times I have insight that embraces my heart so I know with internal clarity that what I feel about decisions I have made really do matter as I let go of things that do not.
What matters to you?