There is no other way in life’s path except to keep on moving with power that I create in this new found place that harbors my spirit with a light so bright it brings me warmth as I pass through to inner strength. This self-creation can be found in meditation and prayer; places where everything is the way it should be. Dream-like splendor hovers over where the grass grows so green with tiny rain drops upon the trees’ leaves that shake off ever so gently, adding to the morning dew.
I know where this place is, and I go to it in times of joy but also in times of sadness because we need to accept that there will be some sadness and grief in life along with the splendor of living in calm places that can be brought through ourselves in the stillness of the night and in the brightness of orange sunrises. I find happiness in all places because I know how to glow like the sun and simmer down like the moon.