No regrets…

I try to clarify my next move in life with strong thought so that success is with me through all adventures.
But there I go again finding ways to justify myself when I have a spontaneous, challenging happening and others lift an eyebrow.
Do people I know feel I take too many chances in life?

To me, it just does not matter what others think and do. I know that there are challenges I need to take that make my life a better place to be. I have no regrets, even the not so good happenings have given me a lesson. I move on in life, the past at my back and the future is unclear, but the now is good and solid.

I will always take that jump that feels right and sturdy to me because what else is there besides taking a different look at life; the place I walk around with a smile is where I want to be.
I accept changes in myself as I age, I have no other choice. I know that staying on the positive side of life is the place to be.
I do not feel any older now, even though the pages of my life continue to unravel quickly like sand running through my fingers.
Take some chances before your sand runs out.