Wake up


I have come here to tell you that it is time to wake up.



Do not leave a stone unturned in life, forgetting will not help because it is always there in your mind’s eye. That place you treasure is either sacred or unpleasant enough to keep it forward in soulful ways that reach out every so often.




I am just a being who knows no more that most of us.
I do know that if you keep doing things the same way in life, nothing different ever happens.
Waking up is the way to be; alerting yourself to everything. Even the dull moments appear in brightness if you change the way you see things.

Everyone deserves a chance in life to improve themselves so they become the best version of their many selves.

Check on your spirit every so often to allow freedom from your intellectual thoughts that creep in to tell you that you do not need t change.

Look at nature and the way it changes.

Seasonal changes surround every single day of life.

Nature just knows when it is time to change.