I Remember…

Loving embraces



When I think of you I remember both good and bad times. I have been told that the good should always outweigh the bad if you think long enough.


And I have thought very long, simmering in my mind those times that brought me a smile, and they are many.
Like the time we took trips for just the fun of it, not caring where we stayed or how long we lingered in certain places that had greener grasses that seemed to go on forever as we marveled at the little things in life that we thought would never end, but they did.

We were so close to each other, doing so very many things together, but it did end as everything in life does.
Can still see your smile and the way you looked at me in a loving way, and the times you would hold me close just to hug. Not everyone likes to hug and stay close to another person, but you did.
You brought me many tears, but most of the tears were laughter tears from tickling me or making me laugh from your funny ways.

I gained a lot from you. You made me a stronger person, taking away some of my softness and youth, replacing it  with an older way. A new perspective ensured because of your presence, I thought about things differently and when you did leave I was ready to move on. I always forgave you for the things in life I thought you should have thought about deeper so that you would have made choices I would agree with but I was not you, even though sometimes I felt so close to you that I wanted to point you into a better direction, but you resisted my ways.

I was happy in many ways during the time I was with you. Wanted to tell you many times that  you brought me much joy and contentment for many years but our life together ended much too soon for me to realize that I needed to tell you things in my youth that I have come to find in later years of my life through wisdom.