The Choice

Choosing battles?
Maybe the choice is in the perspective that you see; places in your mind that only you can perceive as real or not.

That opinion that you have of your neighbor, or that argument that just happened with your spouse is hopeless as you see it but is it really the other person’s fault or have you convinced yourself that everything is life is a difficulty for you or that it is all about the other person, not you?

Maybe it is easier to see everything in black and white today.



“I am going to bring some color into my life today; places where I do not have to battle with myself such as when I am  writing or  painting. There, everything is  crystal clear as  blue waters. The words ride off of me onto the page, bringing a clarity that I only feel when I am there in the story. I realize that I do not always see things clearly but I try to make good choices,” said Dee to Gloria, her mother.

“How are you going to change my dear daughter?” Are you choosing your battles well, or are you just moving along figuring out that your troubles are all battles to be conquered?” You may be traveling in circles where your black and white thoughts are so very rigid that you cannot see the color in anything. Those green grasses and blue flowers are colorful but you believe that you are doing well seeing only gray and blackness.”



“I believe change is possible when I  have helpers along the way. A mother in spirit, friends and family helping me  to see the wonder of color in everything there is in life. My battles are less as I wait and ponder on only what I can change about myself and my perspective in life,” said Dee.