Living in the Present

The purple flow of the season brings peacefulness to you



Stay put

It is difficult to stay put because places in the present bring up the past quite often as you look for answers guided by your experiences. And those experiences are helpful but not always pleasant, therefore they need a place in the past that stays there.


But you do not have to stay in the past very long where you focus on past troubles that may have brought you to present unhappy circumstances.

Many people get stuck in the muck of the mistakes they have made, and that does not move them on to the present.

Staying in the present
Present living is loving yourself with enough self-care that preserves your positive outlook.
“The past becomes a faded shade of blue, not as accurate as you once remember, and that is a good thing,” said Dee with a grin.
“Someday you will look back and see only the good things because the things that were not as good as you would like them to be are gone because you decided to change your perspective on the way you see the past now, said Gloria to Dee.

Happiness becomes your goal, saving you a place at the table of the present.