Unusual happenings

Loving embraces


Like a song I played on the piano over and over again, he came into my life a few years ago.

He was bright, loving and caring. I could not believe how loving, so I slowly dismissed the feelings of love but realized that it may have come from my spirit, that feeling that I should have truly embraced him.


But instead I dismissed him as like all the others who really did not want a relationship with me, only short term fun that ended quickly, sometimes with regret and other times they were lessons on how to love again.
My soul  kept telling me that this person named Fritz was the one. ” Poor me, said Dee as a sad but bright look came upon her face, I am making myself believe in love again.”
And even if it was a loving time that Dee passed along, at least it was there. In the clouds that covered the blue sky, in the trees where red cardinals and black and white woodpeckers  sang their songs against the broken branches, bouncing in the time of the woodpecker.

There in the trees I looked up to see a gentle sway to the soft songs of a beautiful, warm winter day, an unusual happening in February.

And those trees did sway and flex, never quite breaking the connection between two loving souls who have passed along the way, touching each other with love.

And a new perspective ensured from Dee.

She will always remember the past in the quiet sounds of winter, only the crunch of her boots against the ground could be heard as she moved along. Knowing that she had been loved deeply was enough to carry her through to the next adventure.