Everyone should have a friend like you

I see you as my complete balance in life

For comfort, love and companionship, everyone should have a friend like you.

Is it a miracle that you have come into my life, or is it just a stroke of luck?
My inner soul reaches for you in times of need, and you are always there as a guide who helps me figure out the most difficult challenges.
I only hope that I am there for you too, by your side when you need a shoulder to cry on, or you need a person who listens without making judgement.
I am eternally grateful for your friendship.

Together we make a perfect pair with strengthening abilities, helping each other along our paths in life, even when things are truly challenging.

Together  people see us as a helping hand that makes life easier to get through.

You give me a new perspective in life. Everything comes together to form a complete circle when you are around.