Winter Memories

Tree climbing











Winter fun came along as a child jumping, running and crashing into each other with frozen forts and snow ball wars.


The fun was amazing as you wished for more and more snow to sustain your icy ways, and you never felt cold because you were so bundled up in a structured and layered way that did not allow for much movement but you did not care about anything but fun in the snow.

And now, the fun seems to be over, but every once in awhile you decide that those angels you used to make in the snow need to be recreated so that at any age, there can be fun.
Happiness ensures when you are able to be childlike every once in awhile where time passes by you and you say, “I am so very happy to see the wonder in my childhood memories.”

Your next adventure becomes the memory of that Crabapple tree you climbed each day so that you could hide; looking down at those below who were unaware of you until a crabapple dropped on their heads. And the laughter came loudly as they looked up at you.