I’m Just Sitting here

Turn black and white into color today




Sometimes I feel like an observer who watches things just pass along the way. And I say, “I saw it coming but I just waited for it to happen. I knew I could change my path, but I decided to just stay where I am.”







Are you just sitting?
Maybe it is the end of something such as a relationship, or maybe it is the end of a job you did not like anymore so you just let it go by you without much of a struggle.

You know that you  can change your course right now, and  get what you want and need, but you just sit there.

Whatever it is, go after it.

Trying is the first step. You may not succeed but who really cares? Failures in life just happen as do successes.

You should care about what it means to do nothing because doing nothing truly is doing something.

Imagine something different

Sometimes I sit and look out of my window of life imagining what I would be like if I had taken a different route. I see colorful red, blue, green and yellow pictures of myself smiling, dancing and laughing; positively happy.

Motivation is calling you, pushing at you with something you cannot put your finger on, you think it may be something  someone told you awhile ago, ” You should take that first step because you may feel better than you do right now.”