Letting things be

The purple flow of autumn brings peacefulness to you


Do you have the tendency to manipulate everything in your life; going to places in your mind where things should be left unsettled, and you have to connect the dots?

Seeing, listening to your inner voice telling you, “just this one time, I am going to change things so that they are better for me.?” But do they become better for you or are things just a little bit worse.





Find places in your heart that tell you to be patient today; allowing for a flow of energy; creating for you the real answers in life’s adventure.
Try not to think so deeply about anything today; giving time a place in your life; taking on its own pace that will bring you some insight and peace.

Promise yourself some mindful time where you bring silence into your being; living life in a calmness today without distracting thoughts of pain or sadness.

Bring on the joy as you see children playing in the street, hiding, bobbing, giggling and laughing loudly. Walk today, strongly gathering your center and balance with shoulders back and head straight and strong.

Be like a tree planted deeply in the moment into the ground with the ability to also be flexible; swaying with the slightly breezy day.