You will know when you are ready


It takes time to make the changes you may be contemplating to begin.
Beginnings are not easy, procrastination always seems to set into your inner soul  especially when it may be a difficult decision to make in your life.
“I ponder for a long time before I make decisions because I want it to work for me,” said Gloria.
“But if you wait too long, it may become too difficult to make the decision and then some emotional pain sets  in and you are unable to move on.  You may even  get stuck in situations where you feel like quick sand is all around you,” said Dee.

Ride the wave of contentment until you don’t feel like taking the next step where you are at.

That is the place where the rubber meets the road and you will know that you have to do something because you are no longer happy with your current situation.
Be clear in your next step when you are ready. Transparency is the best move toward changing yourself.

Clear the way for the new you and stop hiding behind obtuse and unclear words and actions.

It may just be the way you begin to think about things; new perspectives on old happenings may bring about a change that you are looking for.