Turning the page on memories

Your path is close by and you need to choose which direction to go.


Turning pages in the book of life

“Memories come quickly, passing along the wave of our life, allowing us to savor one more time, something good or something not so good,” said Dee to Katie and Sasha.

Changing perspective

“Those not so good memories need to be a chapter in life that we know is there but we put it aside to the back chapter where we may never read it again.” said Sasha. Moving on to new challenges in life can be very difficult but changing the way you see things in life seems easier because you begin to see things with a new light, and your perspective changes instead of all the other things you seem to think you need to change.





When those chapters of your life pass you by, say good-bye to them in a soft way; simmering on the good days that you may wish you still had but letting go to allow for more goodness to come your way.
When you hang on too tightly to something it disappears in the darkness of night. You don’t know where it has gone because you were waiting for its return instead of moving on.

Move on and take that walk down a different path this time, and it may not be the path with all the pretty blue, golden, yellow and pink flowers but it may be a path that strengthens you; allowing for your soul to touch the sky and be free of whatever it is that seems stuck in your life.