Older and wiser

Capturing everything



You may feel like you are slowing down a bit but the slowness may be a benefit for you to stop and smell the roses.

When was the last time that you sat down in front of a pretty, colorful scene just to look at the beauty of nature? Or stopped by the water’s edge of a great lake to take your shoes off and linger in the coldness and blueness of the moment?




Little Things
“As I age, I notice little things about myself that are good.

I am able to focus on the truly important things in life rather than the insignificant daily happenings that do not mean too much to the entire picture of life.

Today I can focus on the little things; capturing the smooth warm brown colors with bright yellows or  some of the memories that were dear to my heart and full of love, kindness and joyfulness that brings on an emotional component that I did not have in my youthful times.

I find that the moments I reminisce on seems like yesterday but were so long ago. And in the  clarity of the past I can go back to a time that was so very wonderful; seeing my children scampering in the yard, hiding from each other, or that loving moment with my husband holding hands, walking along the water’s edge.

A day becomes a moment in time as you pass through slowly or with great speed. You should slow down.

You should realize that you need to concentrate on what is important and what will fill your heart with happiness, but you may be young, and still  linger on the insignificant.

Just for today you should stop and look around you to see what you are missing.