The Right Choice

You are always facing the music



The Right Choice

“You would not know the right thing to do, even if it hit you in the face, ” said Gloria to Dee.



Dee responded with a smile, “Yes I would, I just had so many failed attempts at some things in life that it has made me scared of any decisions, even the good ones.”
Have you ever felt like this? Caught in the middle of not knowing which way to go, and realizing that you have made so many mistakes, you believe that all decisions are mistakes in disguise?

Developing a new Perspective

It may be time for you to develop a different perspective on which way you are going in life. Perhaps you may need to see yourself in a different light with all your different faces.

Facing things in life that are mistakes is an important first step because you may have made a mistake on a decision but it is not the end of the world, and it is also not entirely your mistake alone because there were others involved in your decision.

Happy you

Is it not more important to find happiness and joy in your life instead of finding ways to punish yourself for things that are now in the past?

Happiness truly is internal.

You can make yourself happy through a perspective change on what is going on in life; finding that filling yourself with some our joy and happiness may bring about a more positive you.

You are what you think you are; optimistic people do get along better in life than their pessimistic friends.

You can heal yourself when you get rid of those things in the past that keep you from moving forward.