You see blue





Someone tells you that you seem blue.
And you say, “A bit blue, but I will come out of it in time.”
That someone wants to help you but they do not know how.


You know how to live with your blueness  by hiding behind some smiles that do not appear fake because you have been practicing a lot. You know how to cover things up like your feelings when you should be talking about them.

“Blue is my favorite color, Dee says, It is the color of a wonderful day where there is not a cloud in the sky. It is the color of many a beautiful flower that grows so strongly with purple tinges of life.

Blue is the color of sadness and happiness for many people because it is so very mellow and kind to your heart. You can visualize blue in its softness and loving waves of soft energy.

Seeking the wonder of others to express your blueness

It seems to be alright to have a blue day but a blue month or two has significant meaning and there may be a need for interventions so I find someone to talk to about my blueness. And it helps me as I put on my red scarf and go outdoors to live again. In its redness, the scarf shows me the way to a lasting smile that is real; flowing through me with its red and orange ways.”