Alone and together; keeping a balance for you that feels good.

” I believe that I share myself too much; too revealing of my inner self, too much of a dreamer, helper, lover and caregiver, but then I think of the alternatives in life. Sharing your truths will set you free; bringing you to a new kind of peace where there are no secrets,” said Gloria to Dee.


“I, the eternal dreamer, convinced that there are soul mates out there waiting for me and people who need me even when it is not beneficial to me. Why can’t I think of myself for once, finding someone who gives to me as much as I give?” said Dee softly, a friend who really looks out for me.”
You can share yourself as much as you like, but save something for yourself; finding that your nourishment is needed in order for you to go on sharing with others.
Be there for others but also be there for yourself.

Share the difficult times in life, share your successes but remember to save something for you; riding your wave at times alone but happy.